Après le Big bang

After the Big Bang
2017, Variable sizes
Photograph, canevas, porcelain, glass and drawing on wood installation

What other stories and images could the stone still hold? I had already captured its surface (Misa nue) with all the marks, crevices, lines and wrinkles. But had I really arrived at the heart of it? No… I was still looking to unfurl this volume that is so heavy with meaning.

The work became a research into the poetic language and the understanding of the folded material – how to make them visible? Small continents were forming, different blank interspaces between every shape. The unfolding of the stone suddenly looked like a world map. A new world, a poetic space. Après le Big bang is a distortion, the origin of a reverie; a cosmologic travel through the vast spaces of the stone Misa, inviting the imagination to roam freely.

Studio situation
Exhibition view
Biennale de la jeune création 2017, Mulhouse