Misa nue

Misa stripped bare
2017, installation, variable sizes
Stone, different types of paper, graphite

A stone picked up at the coast of the Baltic See. Not a pebble but a rock, massive and heavy, matter folded onto itself. It is an irregular volume, raw; it has lived. Observed up-close it shows numerous marks, lines, fissures and wrinkles. A set of visual signs, and then these folds that contain even more mystery.

I wanted to access the inner layers of the stone, to enter the lines and holes in the surface and turn them inside out. To unfold its history, its hidden life.

Exhibition view
2017, Galerie Anscharpark, Kiel (DE)
Size of the wood frame : 4800 x 850 x 50 mm
Wood frame on which 12 wood panels slide,
graphite drawings on transparent paper and white pen on glass,
both are suspended with drawing clips; cut chinese paper