I grew up in a house full of odds and ends. A congestion of objects
covered in dust, as if someone were trying to preserve what once had been.
Perhaps because of that, I seem to be in constant search of objects or places
marked by time, working with various reproduction processes to trace or
duplicate reality on a scale of 1:1, in order to keep track of it.

The traces I lift from reality are often ignored by others. For me, a
pile of waste, a stone or a water leak has the potential of an excavation site,
a space of discovery that speaks of our society, of the skin of the world.
Through the practice of drawing or the use of new techniques such as
3D scanning, I analyze the stratifications of time to detect their traces and seize
them to reveal what is around us. I work mainly in my everyday environment
or in places of worn-down memory that respond to collective reflection.

For me, it is not about drawing a self-portrait but about sharing a common
experience. All the processes that I use, are intended to fix time and to put forward
the notion of origin, culture, exchange. By working with primitive materials, I seek
to be in direct contact with a tangible environment. At a time when everything
seems to be accelerating, confronted with a turbulent society, in perpetual change,
I work with slow processes. It makes the work very physical and meditative.
By reporting, point by point, the conditions found on a surface, I make it
palpable, archivable. I am on the lookout for fragments of reality that are about
to disappear, to be forgotten, and I preserve them so as to leave a trace of society.