Usine désaffectée, 51°19’40.6»N 12°18’49.5»E

Abandoned factory, 51°19’40.6»N 12°18’49.5»E
2018 / 2019, 3050 x 1745 mm
Graphite on paper, metal, ceramics

During my residency at Fugitif in Leipzig, I went to an abandoned factory. What struck me most was the layer of dust and random items, pieces of cable, screws, etc. that covered the floor. It was all that remained of the people working there, of the production process and what came later.

I used tape to fix the layer of dust and rubbish, and brought the sheets to my studio. There I applied the technique of frottage to transfer all the traces on to large pieces of paper. To convey the dimensions of the space, I reconstructed the floor in rectangular sections.

Exhibition view (Galerie de l’ENSA, Limoges), graphite on paper, metal