Verrerie Meisenthal

2019-2020 (work in progress)
Photograph and graphite on chinese paper

I examine the serial production from a matrix, a symbol of craftwork history. I take a sample from the mold in order to trace the molds unique imprints. I try to show the original form in its entirety. I proceed by folding chinese paper around the mold, which I press by vacuum to adapt perfectly to the walls.
Additionally, I rub the surface so that the paper is forced into each detail of the out- and inside. Finally, I unfold the paper. The folding structure appears; the white marks represent a systematic opening of the form, the unfolding.
For me, «unfolding» must be understood as a gesture of understanding. Through this process, I show a sensitive matter, captured at an instant t and which tends to disappear piece by piece under layers of time.

175 x 650 mm
Graphite on paper
Detail, graphite on paper